Your credit score dictates the rates and terms you pay on mortgages, auto loans, insurance, and services. It can even affect whether you get a job. A low credit score can cause setbacks to your financial life, so today’s the day to take control of that three-digit number and your financial future.

How to Make Your Credit Score Soar gives you the tools and information you need to get your free credit report, remove errors on your report, and increase your credit score. Learn how to recover fast from a Short Sale, Bankruptcy, Judgments and Collections. If you’re new to credit, this book will show you how and where to establish credit lines and then manage that credit so your credit score goes nowhere but up. If you have established credit but are struggling to manage it, How to Make Your Credit Score Soar will show you how to repair your credit, effectively dispute items on your credit report, and better handle your credit going forward.

Life is better with good credit; it opens doors to more opportunities. Take control of your credit destiny today. Take the necessary steps to make your credit score soar.

Credit Expert, Julie Marie McDonough, answers your Credit Questions.


Julie Marie McDonough has more than twenty-eight years’ experience as a real estate broker, loan broker, and credit consultant. She started her career in the mortgage lending industry in 1985 and quickly learned the importance of customer service and self-motivation. After spending some time in management, she and her husband, Joseph, formed their own mortgage company in 1988. A few years later they added real estate services to the company’s offerings, and still later, Julie added credit-consulting services. Today, AmeriSell Advantage Properties, AmeriSell Mortgage, and AmeriSell Credit Consulting offer homebuyers all the services they need, under one roof.

Julie is a consumer advocate and speaker who has helped countless people correct errors on their credit reports so they can optimize their credit scores and get the best mortgage rates possible when purchasing a home. Some of her credit-consulting clients refer to her as a miracle worker. Julie is recognized for her vast knowledge in the industry and is sought out for her expertise.

Julie and her husband live near Los Angeles with their two children. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), California Association of Realtors (CAR), National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA). Julie enjoys playing league tennis and traveling.